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tomb of the white horse

Trapped by a freak snowstorm, the night crew of a distribution center is pushed to the edge of sanity by a mysterious package that reveals their true selves and lights an apocalyptic fuse.

Picture Rod Serling, repose in an overstuffed leather chair. He cracks open a heavy, leather-bound copy of the new Testament, and begins to read. But the five stories he tells are not from scripture; they’re updated, augmented, anthologized. Together, they paint a picture of the four horsemen, summoning the biblical apocalypse, culminating with the Prince Of Darkness, enabled and at home in present-day America.

TOMB OF THE WHITE HORSE is the first of a five issue limited series chronicling a secular look at the biblical end of times. In the vein of TALES OF DARKNESS, EC HORROR COMICS, and of course, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, we’re hoping to accomplish something both familiar and unique.

creative team:

Ian Mondrick - Writer, co-creator

Benjamin æ Filby - Artist, co-creator

Beth Varni - Colourist

Nikki Powers - Letterer

Kim Myatt - Cover artist